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Garlic Chives l Chinese Chives l Oriental Chives l Allium-tuberosum

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Garlic Chives l Chinese Chives l Oriental Chives l Allium-tuberosum

Garlic Chives, Allium tuberosum, is a BULB growing to 0.3 m (1ft) by 0.3 m (1ft in) and hardy to USDA zones 4 to 8. Not for shade but can tolerate drought. Leaves are eaten raw or cooked and have a mild flavour, somewhat like a cross between garlic and chives, they are delicious in salads. The flavour is destroyed by lengthy cooking. The leaves are available from early spring until late in the autumn. Flowers and flower buds can be eaten raw or cooked and are a delicious flavouring and pretty garnish for the autumn salad bowl. The root is eaten raw or cooked. An edible oil is obtained from the seed. The whole plant is antibacterial, cardiac, depurative, digestive, stimulant, stomachic and tonic[61, 174, 218]. It is an anti-emetic herb that improves kidney function. It is used internally to treat urinary incontinence, kidney and bladder weaknesses etc. The seed is carminative and stomachic. The leaves and the bulbs are applied to bites, cuts and wounds. Landscape Uses include the Border, Container, Ground cover and Rock garden. It is an easily grown plant preferring a sunny position in a rich moist but well-drained soil. Tolerates most soils including clay and dry soils; established plants also resist drought. Plants remain green until temperatures fall below 4 - 5°c, they come into new growth in spring when temperatures go above 2 - 3°c. Often cultivated for its edible leaves and bulb in the Orient. A very ornamental plant, it grows well as an edging plant in the flower garden. Closely related to A. ramosum. The bulbs should be planted fairly deeply. Grows well with most plants, especially roses, carrots, beet and chamomile, but it inhibits the growth of legumes. This plant is a bad companion for alfalfa, each species negatively affecting the other. Special Features: Edible, Fragrant foliage, Invasive, Suitable for cut flowers, Suitable for dried flowers, Fragrant flowers.

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