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Betel Nut Palm l Areca catechu 2

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Betel Nut Palm l Areca catechu 2


Betel Palm or Areca catechu is a tropical palm of up to 30 m high with a straight and slender trunk. Its dark green leaves can spread 5m across. It is native to the Philippines but is now widely cultivates in the tropics of East Asia for its highly valuable seeds. Betel seeds can be eaten raw while young leaves, inflorescences and the sweet inner part of the shoots are cooked and eaten as vegetables. The seeds are used as a masticatory. Some of its medicinal functions are as follows: for relief of hunger, abdominal pains and exhaustion; against intestinal parasites and other pathogens; against tapeworms (in veterinary medicine); against anemia, leucoderma, leprosy, and obesity; as a purgative and an ointment for nasal ulcers; and as laxative and diuretic. Leaves are used for thatching and leaf sheath is made into cups, plates and bags. Betel Palm is a great source of tannins. Its wood is used in construction. Sometimes, the tree is used as an ornamental plant. Other common names are Areca Palm, Areca Nut Palm, Indian Nut, and Pinang Palm.

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