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Peach Palm l Bactris gasipaes 2

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Peach Palm l Bactris gasipaes 2

Peach Palm or Bactris gasipaes is a tropical tall, slender palm that grows up to 6 – 24 m in height. It is native to South and Central America. Thorns are present on the trunk and suckers are formed at the base. Seed oil is used medicinally as a rub for relief from rheumatic pains. It is also edible and is used for cooking. The ovoid, yellow to orange fruit is highly nutritious. It is cooked or ground into flour and used in baking. The seed is edible as well - consumed as a nut or made into a meal to flavour drinks. The apical bud is cooked as a vegetable.  The pinnate leaves are used as a thatch and as a source of green dye for fabrics. Plant spines are used as needles in tattooing. The roots have vermicidal properties. Fibre used in paper-making can be obtained from the whole plant. The wood is used in construction. Peach palm is grown from seeds or suckers.

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